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pvc k-value

Postby mohamed.shabana82 on Mon Nov 19, 2007 4:56 pm

-what is the meaning ok pvc k-value (k=57 , k=67 , k=70 ,........)
-and how they produce the different k-values in the factory (what is the additives that added in the polymerization process
- what is the mean of gelation time and gelation temperature of pvc
-what is the mean of pvc porosity
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Re: pvc k-value

Postby Skip on Tue Nov 20, 2007 11:55 am


K Value is an indicator of molecular weight : K-57 is medium for injection molding,K-67 is medium-high for rigid extrusion, K-70 is higher for plasticized extrusion or calendering. K value relates to other ASTM indicators of molecular weight like Intrinsic Viscosity or Inherent Viscosity.
Producers add no special additives---it's a matter of reaction time in the polymerization kettle to acheive desired molecular weight.
Gelation time and temperature (or Fusion time/temp.) is when the PVC FORMULATION (with all the stabilizers, lubricants,fillers,pigments, process aids) melts----best seen in a Brabender fusion curve.
Porosity in a product is due to poor gelation or fusion---extruded or molded too cold, not fully melted.
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