From Advance Solvents----to Dow??

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From Advance Solvents----to Dow??

Postby Skip on Tue Sep 02, 2008 3:52 pm

My old company,Advance,started in the late 20's and originally was a U.S. sales outlet for I.G.Farben Industries' chemicals. Upon outbreak of WWII, shipments stopped and Advance Solvents and Chemicals began manufacture of metal organic salts (Pb,Ba,Cd,Zn,Mn,Zr,Ca,Sn etc.) for use as paint driers and early PVC stabilizers.
In 1958 they were acquired by Cincinnati Milling Machine Co. who also had acquired Carlisle Chemical Co.--and were known as Advance Div. Carlisle Chemicals. 1968 saw the name change of the parent to Cincinnati Milacron, and Advance Div.,Cincinnati Milacron Chemicals.
The Advance Div. (flexible PVC stabilizers,paint driers) was sold to Akzo Chemie and became Ackros Chemicals in the late 70's.
Cincinnati Milacron Chemicals retained organotin and wax products for rigid PVC, and thioester AO's/benzophenone UV absorbers for Polyolefins.
In 1979 Milacron Chemicals was acquired by Morton International.
In 2001(??) Morton sold this operation to Rohm & Haas.
In 2008 Rohm & Haas is in the process of being acquired by Dow Chemical!

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Re: From Advance Solvents----to Dow??

Postby Len on Tue Feb 10, 2009 12:26 pm


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