Manufacturing a Mould

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Manufacturing a Mould

Postby 0902515h on Wed Apr 13, 2011 11:00 am

I am a Product Design student and currently working on a project which requires me to find out an estimated cost to manufacture a Mould/s for a re-designed personal external speaker system for PC's and personal music/gaming appliances.
My design will probably require at least 3 Plastic Injection type moulds as follows:

1. Front speaker housing/casing
2. Rear speaker housing/casing
3. Family Mould for 4 smaller parts of the speaker - i.e. control knobs, front grill and top section.
Final Assembly6.jpg

I have attached Drawings/Dimensions of some of the components from my model.
I would greatly appreciate any help as to how to go about getting an cost estimate on the manufacture of such a Mould.

This is purely a project and will unlikely ever go into production.

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Re: Manufacturing a Mould

Postby oldtool on Wed Jun 15, 2011 4:08 pm

Tough to quote a 2D drawing as I can't see all details. But I am feeling adventurous... so. Front Spkr, with no detail in back, 1 cavity, P-20 steel = $34,500. Rear, better sit for this one, Can't do inner most boss and there's a feature beside that boss that looks like a large chunk of material, don't see coreout in opposite side. Eliminating these, 1 cavity P-20 steel = $67,000. Knob mold = $38,900 2 knobs, and a speaker (Porcerax core),,, don't see a top... Total = $140,400. By the way, I do quoting for a living.
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