Why bother with linking?

Do you want traffic to your website?

It's that simple. Links to your site is one of the single most important factors Google (and the others) use to rank your pages versus competitors. Good links increase your traffic. (NOT from the link itself, which may provide some traffic, but that isn't what we're referring to.) Strong, good links (like plastics.com or any other highly ranked and trusted plastics site) can have dramatic effects on your traffic.

The more links from other sites to your site causes Google, et al, to rank you more highly. All things being even, if your site has more relevant links to you from industry sites, then google ranks you higher and you get more traffic.

When someone does a search that YOU want to be found under, the first thing google does is look at and rate your link popularity. Then based on that and other factors, it decides where to place you in the rankings. All you need to do to rank much higher is to have lots of plastics industry links linked TO your site.

Do you get it? This firm did not!

We created a link from an injection molding client to an extrusion client. The extrusion firm said they would not link back because they weren't involved in injection molding!  They didn't get it!  A link from the 'plastics' injection molding firm counts as a relevant, trusted external link, increasing the 'plastics' extrusion firms search rankings! 

If it's plastics related, it's relevant. All you care about is this;

  • will I end up with a trusted, relevant link from within my overall industry?
  • will it increase MY quantity of links to me?

There is GOOD linking and BAD linking

Good linking is a link from a site related to your industry. And the more important the site linking to you, the more valuable it is to you.

Bad linking is when you use so called 'link-farms' or paid link registries. Google KNOWS what business every link represents via it's algorithms, so if it is unrelated, its bad.  Avoid schemes to just build links with anyone, with public exchanges, and with nefarious link spam!

Our program simply offers advice to plastics websites who wish to link to other sites in order to improve their own website.  Our suggestions are always plastics sites who also value the helpfulness of including industry links on their websites.

Don't take our word for linking value, research it yourself

      SEOmoz on link building


      CNET article on the value of linking:   


      A Paid link directory:  


      Google & Bing Executives talk Links:


Or just 'google' for terms like link exchange, link farms

And 'google' the word plastics. On ALL major search engines we're typically #1 or #2 out of ten's of millions

Why is plastics.com a particularly strong link for you?

Plastics.com is a gTLD, a generic top-level domain because our domain is simply the word plastics, nothing else.  It is the dominant gTLD in our industry by the name alone. Additionally, we are a trusted google site as we are the oldest and first plastics community online, having pioneered plastics on the internet in 1994.

Google has sites that it TRUSTS due to the length of time it has been around and observed it's history of proper search engine behavior, it's google page rank (ours is SIX out of ten). And Google places values on links based on that, and the site size, relevancy and existing search positioning.

There is no stronger link from within the plastics industry than one from plastics.com

Where does your web site stand versus your competitors?

Check your web site's linkage score free, here:


Check your web site google page rank free, here:


The link from your website to plastics.com

Just copy/paste the following link AND text:

Plastic Industry Buyers Guide on Plastics.com

Does the link from my web site to plastics.com have to be on our main page?

No, any normal page will do, and all we want is a short text link to plastics.com

The link from plastics.com to your site

It's very easy, you actually do it yourself in the plastics.com 'search engine friendly' business directory: http://www.plastics.com/directory/ This is free, only takes a few minutes and gives you control over the description of your business and the categories/keywords that are applicable to you.

Simply go to the register form and sign up: http://plastics.com/listing

If you have any questions or would like to do this online right along with us, simply call our link building staff number at 1-978-602-8123 and we'll be glad to help.

A simple win-win for everyone. See you on plastics.com!